K&S represents crypto-related investors.

Over the last few years, investments in cryptocurrency have increased dramatically. In particular, more and more individuals are investing in ERC-20 tokens launched on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Given that DEXs typically do not have safeguards that are characteristic of a traditional stock exchange, many developers of tokens readily engage in fraudulent activity, such as rug pulls, pump-and-dumps, misrepresentations on social media or other scams. Many investors have been the victims of such fraud.

K&S represents crypto-related investors and is currently investigating claims against cryptocurrency exchanges for their role in allowing fraudulent or illegal activity to take place on their platforms, which a court may determine amounts to violations of U.S. Securities Laws and certain state laws.

If you have lost money investing in cryptocurrency, particularly in the DeFi space, please contact us, confidentially and free of charge at or (212) 951-1230, and we will help assess any potential claims you may have. Even if you do not believe you were the victim of fraud, you may still have a claim.

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