About Us

Clients First

Kim & Serritella LLP is a boutique law firm concentrating on the crypto space, commercial litigation and business transactions. We are deeply committed to a clients-first approach, which translates to strategic, effective and ethical representation while delivering big firm experience to clients of all sizes. The firm was founded in 2020 and with Mr. Serritella’s years of practice as a partner at New York City firms and Ms. Kim’s business savvy, they have grown the firm to include a team of attorneys with impressive credentials, a similar core belief in serving clients and the community and a long track-record of achieving successful results in connection with varied complex matters and high-stakes litigation. The K&S team is a rare marriage of a deep understanding of technology and current events with solid and impressive experience.

Hee-Jean and James first met as law students and bonded over a shared passion for the practice of law. We both worked at large New York City law firms after graduating law school—James went on to become a partner after nine years and Hee-Jean moved in-house to a large pharmaceutical company after five. Many years in the legal field later, we concluded that the traditional law firm structure does not always lead to the best and most efficient results for clients. Unfortunately, over the last decade, many law firms have become increasingly more focused on the bottom line and outdated norms, to the detriment of their clients, and ultimately the legal profession. One of the main reasons we decided to start our own practice was so that we could create a work environment consistent with our core values of client-focus and honesty over profit and fees, quality and competency over mediocrity and advocacy over complacency.

Service with Respect and Humility

We strive to service our clients with respect and humility and to provide fierce, tireless and smart advocacy and counsel. We believe in transparent and clear billing practices, which include reasonable standard hourly billing rates as well as thoughtful alternative fee arrangements. We do not believe in rounding up or nickel-and-diming our clients. Putting clients-first is a superior approach to the practice of law.

Giving Back to Our Community

We also firmly believe in giving back to our community and those who may not yet be able to advocate for themselves, which is why we founded the K&S Pro Bono Practice Center and have a dedicated and experienced Pro Bono Counsel to help steer our pro bono practice and guide our team in serving others

We invite you to call us to discuss how we may work for you.